Consumer Credit has become the crux of our economic crisis. Many people have put the blame on the individuals for taking out loans that they could not afford, but the true responsibility falls on the heads of the lending industry who intentionally gave out loans to consumers that they knew couldn’t afford them.

This book was written to expose the truth behind the greed of the lending industry and how they tend to prey on uninformed consumers. My goal is to reveal the deception behind poor lending practices that often result in an overwhelming amount of debt and financial slavery for the borrower.

Most consumers tend to purchase high ticket items and get buried under piles and piles of debt without fully understanding the terms of the loans that they sign off on. The lack of financial education couldn’t be more evident than now where foreclosed homes are at an all time high and consumers filing for bankruptcy have superseded any record ever, in our Country’s history!

It’s not ironic that the release of this book comes at a time where our Nation and the World has supported the cry for “CHANGE”. For nearly eight years, I’ve tried to get Innocent Victims on the shelves, but realized that this was the perfect season for its release.
The election of 2008 has been noted as one of America’s greatest historic events, and it is with great joy that I stand as an advocate with our Presidents call to action for each one of us to do our part in the process. As a analyst in Consumer Credit, I want to make sure that I touch as many lives as possible with this information to help individuals learn how to protect their future from shark lending practices, and become educated about the proper use of credit.

It is my hope that this book circulates amongst many generations, educating adults and children alike. If our children are educated early about the proper use of credit and the importance of protecting their names, then we could see a greater outcome of success for their future and their financial positions.

Innocent Victims is an eye opener for many people of all ages. If you have had a challenging encounter with your credit so far and wish to totally reposition yourself, then Innocent Victims will position you to never become the victim again! And if you are a newbie on the credit scene, and are taking precautionary actions to ensure that you are never the victim, then you have made a wise choice as I will educate you on how creditors view your credit profile, and the misleading information given to consumers to lure them into the traps of financial slavery.

Why I wrote Innocent Victims
“During my credit battle, I read tons of books about credit. Most of the information that I read, lead me to do more research. So I thought, “why are authors leaving out this helpful information”. What’s the secret to credit? Innocent Victims takes you on a journey where you become more aware about your surrounding as to what’s really happening in credit world. Millions of people are working for nothing and sometimes when the realize it, it’s too late. We hear all the time, the key to financial wealth is homeownership, but the key is understanding CREDIT. Without credit, consumers will find themselves up side down, due to high interest loans. Through my writing, I want to educate and inform readers about the dangers of becoming an Innocent Victim. I hope Innocent Victims touches the lives of millions of consumers.”